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Want 5X Brand Lift For Your Restaurant Brand? Get user generated content.


Simple Ways to get User Generated (UGC) Content To Increase A Restaurant’s Brand Image.

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One of the best restaurant

You are serving good, tasty and hygienic food items the food lovers like. Your passion and dedication for the business you love poured in to the business growth.

You have created social media pages for your brand. Distributing your content on all social media platforms.

Still the customer base is not increasing as you expected.

You want to run a profitable restaurant business. You have invested your time and money. Still the positive results are elusive.


Word of mouth marketing is the best form of advertising. If your business is online (especially) a restaurant business and you are struggling with reaching new customers to generate consistent revenue and stay profitable.

Here is a simple marketing strategy you can implement continuously to bring the desired customers to your restaurant.

User Generated (UGC) Content

Regularly Spare some time to request, ask, incentivize or better bribe them with special offers to take “selfies” at your restaurant eating and having a good time. Even better if there is a group of friends, colleagues or family cajole them to take a “selfie” and request them to share in their network and all social media channels they spend their time.

In this digital age it is equal to “word of mouth marketing”. No, it is better and best than that, because of the reach and scale of the digital platforms where millions of people spend their time.

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