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Is This An Ideal Best Website Lay-out and Design For A Restaurant Business in 2022?


Yes!. A resounding yes! This ideal restaurant website is suitable for vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurant to present their food menu online and order food online with few taps or clicks.

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An ideal restaurant website to grow your food business online.

A website designed to make it easy for the customers to explore and find what they need on the go with few clicks or taps.
An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to give them peace of mind.
Focused on creating a positive customer experience
Fully focused on customer experience and help the buyers find the information about a restaurant business easily and quickly with few clicks and taps.
Each and every food items and menu are a visual treat and can be accessed them within a second after they land on the home page.
All the information they need to find on the home page and direct them to the information they are looking for with useful links.
Seamless browsing on desktop, tablet and smartphone with a responsive design.

An inviting landing page

An SEO optimized contemporary home page lay-out designed to direct the user to find the most important information about the restaurant easily.
When people land on the the home page from search results, they need to find the “reserve a table”, “order online” and the food menu. These elements should be within easy reach to explore.
They can select the items of their choice easily on a single page and order them quickly.
They may visit your business after browsing the food menu (the visual treat) or order the food items online.
Easy navigation menu on top of the page for customers to find whatever information they need to visit the restaurant or order food online. A quick and easy process.
Seamless browsing on desktop, tablet and smartphone with a responsive design.

Information needed to know on the go

Vital information’s like business hours, contact numbers and location map are placed on the footer which is present on all pages of the website for customers to find it easily.
To influence the customers to choose your business over the competitors, the positive customer ratings and reviews also placed on the footer.
To seamlessly connect with customers regularly on the platforms they spend most of their time, the social media links are placed on the footer.
For customers to navigate easily from one page to other pages quickly, the menu items are present in all the pages of the side bar.

Up to date technology and tools to manage the business online
A robust online ordering E-commerce site

Even before the COVID19 hit the world, ordering food online was very convenient for people everywhere.
This pandemic forced a lot of food business to adopt the system and new online order only food businesses also start to gain prominence with food lovers.
Integrated E-commerce first website developed and with a few taps or clicks a customer can order food items from their couch or on the go.
Hassle free check out for customers to order online and any Payment gateway and POS system can be integrated easily.

Customer Resource Management (CRM).

Future proof design to integrate any (CRM) Customer Resource Management system.
Any customer resource management (CRM) tools can be integrated easily to maintain and interact with existing customers and new future customers.
A CRM technology sysytem helps manage a restaurant (for that matter any business) streamline processes, keeps them always connected with customers and improve the profit maximisation.
Helps the restaurant always keep track of sales and marketing effort at the same time gives the data to focus on where to improve the value chain.
There is plenty of CRM software tools available for free and for a few hundred to few thousand rupees a month subscription.
They are now on cloud based to manage from any device and anywhere.

Instant Customer Support

Consumers are spending their time and use social media platforms and instant message tools to connect with colleuhues, friends and family all the time.
The customers come to expect instant communication for their need of any information.
Each and every business should need an instant chat support system to help the customers find the information they need quickly.
Unless a business have an instant chat support system in place, there is a chance of customer turning to their competitors within a second is inevitable.

Integrated Social Chat Support

From Facebook messenger, WhatsApp Business Message, (Social Chat) Call Now tools and Chatbots are used for customer contact and support by a large number of businesses.
Nowadays they are available for free and a simple subscription model and they are fairly easy to implement in any (restaurant) business website.
Most preferred choice (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Video Contact or Messaging) of Instant chat support systems are placed on the bottom right corner for customers to contact the restaurant for more information quickly.

Customer magnet tools

A newsletter signup system to keep in touch with customers to inform about new menu addition, discount offers and information about what is new in a restaurant etc.,
A coupon management tool integrated to inform customers about discount offers and special deal announcement to keep them coming back to buy more and stay loyal.

Video blog

Video consumption (especially) short form videos are trending now. It seems people love to consume short video content than any other form of media.
A powerful and trendy video blog to entice customers with video content about the restaurant, the staff and menu items etc.,
Video blog about the staff, a chef, a signature food or whole menu items are liked by consumers and they raise interest considerably according to experts opinion.
Video content on a website may bring substantial customer interaction on a restaurant website.

Grow rapidly

Get your food (restaurant) business online and grow rapidly with our fully integrated customer experience focused website development with search engine optimized, social media promotion and marketing tools integrated website.
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