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How to Leverage Food Menu Feature On Google My Business Listing To Surface Your Restaurant Brand Across Google Searches and Maps?


A simple and free option provided by Google local business to showcase your food menu.

A pictures speaks louder than words. A picture is equal to 1000 words.

One way or other, we encounter these clichés many times in our readings.
According to research, human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than text.
It seems people prefer visual content (images, videos and infographics etc.,) than any other form of content.
The popular social media channels are encouraging visual content, because their consumer data points to that direction.
If you are a restaurant owner, that is what you should do to attract the potential customers.

Visuals Story

With beautiful visuals of your menu images and videos on all the channels and social media platforms your customers spend their time.
While Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest and other social media platforms might be helpful to reach the food lovers easily, the number one search engine Google is usually the first platform “Google It” customers look up for the information they want to find.
Especially eateries.

An Opportunity

Never miss an opportunity to make a sale. Add your menu items on free Google my business listings to help the customers find your restaurant anytime, anywhere and on the go.
There lies the opportunity to add your mouth watering food menu on Google My Business Free Listings to showcase your items on Search and Maps, where the visuals surface whenever any hungry customers search for phrases like ‘restaurants near me, vegetarian restaurants’, best restaurants etc.,
Just seeing your beautiful menu images will recreate the experience on the customers mind.
To make sure your visual food menu stick to the customers mind for a long time, show up whenever and wherever they search for the food you serve.
The first and best place to show your menu is Google My Business Free Listing’s Business Profile.

Showoff Your Food Varieties

Prepare Your Menu Images for each and every type of dishes and add it under the right section.
Suppose yours is a south Indian Restaurant, here is a sample menu listing.
Add Rava dosa
Ghee roast
Plain roast
Cauliflower roast
Create the above menu under Dosa Section
Lemon rice
Tomato rice
Malli rice
Pudina rice
under rice varieties section.
Like this you can create sections and menu items under the appropriate sections.

Full Print Menu

You can show your print menu on your business profile.
Prepare a stylish, high quality and eye catching print menu that you can show to the customers who visit your business profile.
Customers can browse your menu list and know what food items they can expect from your business.
If you want to stand out from your competitors, focus on adding a high quality and beautiful print menu and place it in front of the customers.

How to add your menu on Google search?

On your restaurant’s business profile, there is an option to add your food menu.
Here you can add your menu items one by one with price and description of the items.
You can edit it any time and update with new menu and price.
What is more, you have the option to add menu items under sections. Sections (like categories) help you organize your menu.
For instance if you are serving variety of dosa items or desserts, you can create a section called “Dosa” and ‘Desserts” and add the dishes under the sections.
If any third party food delivery business added the menu you cannot edit it, but you can create a new menu and add all items you want to showoff.
According to Google Search trend report, majority of the people use smartphones to find the restaurants.

How to add your restaurant’s menu on Google Maps?

A best opportunity and a nice feature option to showoff your menu items on the search results on maps.
It is a straightforward and very easy . Add your menu with your Android phone.
Enter your restaurant name on the search bar in your mobile phone. If you have already created a profile and verified it, it will show on the maps.
Tap Menu under the result and add photos of each dish.
When a hungry customer land on Google maps, they can find all your food items under menu.
You can edit, delete and add various menu sections and food items any time.
Sometimes third party delivery business would have added the menu items on your profile with your authorization or without your consent.
If not you can contact them and request them to remove items from the menu list.
Also you can create a new menu and add items of your choice.

Edit and update on the go

Open your Android app and search for your business profile. With few taps you can add variety of your dishes with high quality images to grab the hungry buyers quickly and draw them to your establishment.
To add your food images you don’t have to be a professional photographer, nowadays a decent smartphone has all the features to take good quality photos and you can add the menu images directly from your phone.
Update regularly
Sometimes a customers or third party delivery businesses will add dishes on your business profile.
Maybe you will create a new dishes or change the business hours.
It is a best practice to visit your business profile regularly and make sure all the information customers need to know your business is up-to-date and accurate.
Did you know? now you can directly edit, delete or update your business profile on Search and Google maps with your mobile phone.

This is a simple guide only. Browse the features and tools provided for free in Google My Business Listings to improve your restaurant brand online.

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